6 Common Custom Home Building Mistakes

Tuesday, July 11th, 2017

Building a custom home requires careful planning and an excellent team of professionals to help the process run smoothly. If you are not careful, you could make some mistakes along the way. The following are some of the most common mistakes people make during the construction of their new custom home. You can learn from these mistakes to save yourself from losing time and money.

Relying solely on your builder for ideas

Consider why you are having a custom home built. If you are like most people, you want a custom home so that you can have a place that fits your unique needs and desires. By relying totally on your builder for design ideas, you are robbing yourself of the opportunity to design your dream home yourself. Your developer should have some great ideas for you, so there should be no issue with taking their advice. The problem comes when you neglect to make decisions based on what you want from your new house. Consult with your custom home builder and come up with ideas that will suit your needs together.

Getting lost in the details

The many aspects of custom home building can be intimidating and you will have numerous decisions to make. The overload of choices can be overwhelming and make it difficult to make any decisions at all. To make the process easier, ask your builder to create a binder filled with choices that are organized by room. By compartmentalizing the process, you can calm your mind and keep moving forward.

Forgetting built-in furniture

One of the perks of owning a custom home is the fact that you can request built-in furniture. You can have built-in shelves, entertainment centers, and so much more. Many people love the convenience of this type of furniture and those who forget to request it often regret the mistake. The added cost of built-in furniture is typically no more expensive than going out and buying the furniture after construction. You can save time and avoid the hassle by choosing built-in furniture.

Not maxing out your mortgage

You cannot get a loan for a residence that does not exist, which is why it is more likely you will get a construction-to-permanent loan. This type of loan covers construction and converts to a regular mortgage once the construction of your custom home is complete. You can pile everything into this loan, including the water heater, stove, and even the high-end rain showerhead. Many people make the mistake of buying these additions later on a credit card. You will pay much higher interest with a credit card than you would if you lump it all into your mortgage.

Adding more features without budgeting

No matter how carefully you design your property, things will change during the custom home building process. People often build based on their wants and forget to keep up with their budget. If you make numerous additions throughout the construction, you may have to take a few things off the list to keep costs under control.

Not planning for delays

Delays in construction are usually unavoidable. Anything that results in a hiccup can cause a domino effect. Some buyers take the completion date that the contractor originally sets and put all their hopes on the custom home being finished by that time. To be safe, always add a few weeks to the completion estimate when you receive it to account for delays. You do not want to end up without a place to live.

Custom home building in Amarillo, Texas

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