8 Reasons To Build A New Custom Home

Tuesday, May 2nd, 2017

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If you are getting ready to purchase a home, consider the benefits of building against purchasing an older home. A new home offers several advantages. As long as you have a team of professionals guiding you through the process, designing the home of your dreams does not have to be difficult. Here are eight reasons why building a new home could be the best option for you.

A healthier home

Custom home builders are careful about the products and materials they use in their projects. In the past, many of the materials used in the building process were found to be quite dangerous to people. Today’s builders are better equipped to build a residence without using harmful materials. Builders can limit your exposure to chemicals, such as formaldehyde in insulation or volatile organic compounds in paints, by using non-toxic building materials.

Designs to fit your lifestyle

By creating a house from the ground up, you will have complete freedom to choose where and how you want to live. You will get to pick a lot, create a unique space, and fit a design to meet your specific lifestyle needs. You will be the one deciding on flooring, paint, and hardware for your new home. The design process will give you opportunities to allocate space in the areas you will use the most. In this way, your residence can match the lifestyle you intend to live.

Improvements in technologies

A custom home can utilize the newest advancements in technology. Your home can be designed with integrated smart systems. You can also choose to have energy-efficient systems installed to reduce the cost of monthly utility bills. Custom homes can be fitted with high efficiency appliances, heaters, furnaces, and air conditioning units. The technological advancements used in new houses can save you money and make life a little bit easier.

Save money through energy efficient features

New homes will use energy more efficiently in a couple of ways. A custom home tends to be more tightly sealed, which prevents air from escaping. High efficiency windows, doors, and insulation will make it cost less for you to heat and cool your home. These efficiency measures will work together to save you money in the long run.

Quick appreciation over five years

When you buy a newly constructed home, the value of the property will appreciate quicker during the first five years of ownership. A limited supply of new properties almost guarantees increasing prices on custom homes. When comparing this appreciation with an existing property over the same five years, the advantage will go to the new home.

Decreased maintenance costs

The materials used to build your custom home are stronger than those used in existing residences, which have undergone years of wear and tear. Modern homes are made to minimize maintenance requirements. A great team of builders will have the forethought needed to make things easy for homeowners by minimizing the amount of future maintenance.

New materials selected by the homeowner

Building the home of your dreams means you will have a say in every aspect of the design process. You can choose the paint colors, flooring, appliances, and hardware. By deciding what goes into your home, you can mold it to fit your exact design tastes.

Superior safety compliance

Newly constructed homes usually include fire safety features that are not often present in older properties. Modern materials are often made to be fire retardant, including carpeting and insulation. New homes are also required to have hard-wired smoke detectors. By choosing to build a custom home, you and your family will be safer.

Custom home building in Amarillo, Texas

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