Why Custom Homes Are More Efficient Than Old Homes

Thursday, June 15th, 2017

Custom home design in the Texas Panhandle, Hawaii, and Arizona

Buying a new house can be a great investment, especially if it is a custom home. One of the greatest benefits of a custom home purchase is the ability to acquire a space that is more energy-efficient than older homes. This is an attractive quality because you will be able to maintain your home’s utility and energy needs for less. The following are three reasons why custom homes are more efficient than old houses.

Eco-friendly designs

A green movement has spread across America and taken over many industries, including home building. Being green, or eco-friendly, has encouraged builders to make more efficient choices when building custom homes. Energy-efficient homes are more appealing to buyers because they can have a beautiful home and reduce their carbon footprint. Today, buyers demand eco-friendly features, and smart home builders have accommodated them by using green materials.

Compatibility with energy-efficient appliances

Homeowners and custom home builders have begun to recognize the need for energy-efficient appliances. These appliances, including heating and air conditioning units, kitchen appliances, and water heaters, can conserve energy and keep your home running smoothly. By upgrading to a new property, you will receive the benefit of greater efficiency with your utilities and enjoy a beautiful home.

Built-in efficient features

Custom homes may include additional features that help with both efficiency and organization. These include solar panels and geothermal heating and cooling systems. Custom home builders can also zone different rooms in your home so that heat can be cut off in areas that are not being used.

Custom home builders are listening to the needs of homebuyers and designing layouts with more storage space, modern features, and comfortable living spaces. Building in this manner can help homeowners remain energy efficient and eco-friendly by reducing clutter and the need for extra furnishings.

Single-pane windows have quickly replaced double-pane windows as the norm for custom homes because of their high-level of energy efficiency. Additionally, the old aluminum frames that conducted heat and cold into homes have been replaced with more efficient vinyl options.

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