Eight Things To Consider When Building Your Custom Home

Monday, April 23rd, 2018

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There is so much to consider when you begin the process of building a custom home. Most of the decisions are easy, but others can become overwhelming because you may overlook minor details. However, if you work with a professional and experienced custom home builder, the process can be fun and easy. The following are eight things you should consider when building your custom home.

Do some research first

The blueprint drawings of a new home often become “the official road map” of the project. These are the plans that the custom home builder and their team will use as a reference point throughout the entire process. Because of this, it is important for you to confirm every aspect of the drawings before the first shovel hits the ground. Study the floor plan and make sure all of the modifications are done to your liking. Remember, all possible suggestions may not be able to be completed, but it doesn’t hurt to ask.

Before signing any written agreement with a custom home builder, it is important to make a list of the necessities needed inside your home. Create a list with three columns marked “Must Have,” “Really Want,” and “Would be Nice.” This establishes a boundary that cannot be crossed during negotiation process.

Electrical outlets and switches

Make note of every electrical outlet and light switch throughout the home. Doing this during the planning phase and during the build will help you set up your electronic devices and appliances once you move in. It is important to remain in constant communication with the custom home builder on how many outlets and switches you want in each room.

Think about the laundry room

Doing laundry is a necessity, so why not accomplish this task in a spacious room that suits your design tastes? You can include as much storage as you want in this room and even add personal touches like a special paint color or entryway. Built-in shelving and cabinets are popular features of laundry rooms. Give yourself enough space to hold a washer and dryer, ironing board, a place to fold clothes, and hang dry delicate clothing.

Allow for enough hallway space

At some point, you must decide how wide the hallways should be in your new home. The average width of a hallway is typically two-and-half feet, but some go up to five feet wide. This can allow you to place furniture in your hallways to add an even more unique element to your custom home.

Outdoor outlets and faucets

Another difficult decision is choosing what type of outlet and faucet to place in your backyard. If an electrical outlet is unnecessary, maybe a light switch is a better option. On the other hand, you may plan on hosting parties or using an outdoor kitchen, so having one or more electrical outlets would be best.

If your backyard is big enough to hold a garden, then it might be wise to install an additional hose bib on the back wall. If the grass is left untreated, then the look of the backyard will become shabby. These options must be discussed with your custom home builder because you want your outdoor needs to match your lifestyle.

Consider the height of the ceilings

The height of the ceilings in your custom home will provide more open space than even adding additional square footage. High ceilings offer a spacious feel and give you the opportunity to add taller windows to the design. Speak with your custom home builder about the type of ceiling that works best for you.

Add storage space

Verify that the number of closets and cabinets match the amount of storage space you need inside your custom home. You may also want to install built-in bookcases that give your rooms a more customized look. Some homeowners prefer these storage options be near or around the kitchen and the laundry room. You may want to add a storage box inside the children’s room or a larger linen closet to accommodate your sheets and blankets. Storage can be added anywhere in your custom home, so be sure to talk with your builder about your needs.

Ask about insulation

The insulation inside your home is key because it will keep you cool in the summer and warm in the winter. Also, the right type of insulation will save you money on your energy bills in the long run. Ask your custom home builder what type of insulation, and materials in general, they will be using before building your property.

Find the right custom home builders for your needs

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