Luxury Designs: Trusses for Your Custom Home

Wednesday, September 5th, 2018

King post ceiling truss built by Hunter Corp

A fine ceiling truss inspires a sense of grandiosity, the aesthetic is one that speaks for itself. You can easily see the breathtaking effects of trusses in picture after picture in luxury homes. Not only are they a testament to the structure of your home, but they also bring an aesthetic pleasure that seems to draw from the past. They create the impression of spaciousness and, most importantly, gives the room it’s own personality.

Why build trusses?

For rooms with high ceilings, some luxury home builders opt for the refined look in their structural framework. Ceiling trusses can give you that vaulted ceiling which make the dimensions of your house more attractive. Trusses come in all kinds of shapes and sizes. They can make your home feel larger and bring a stylistic sense that immediately impresses on first glance.

Truss styles in your luxury home

Trusses do more than support your ceiling. They can also serve as a dominant feature of your custom home. For example, the ‘queen post” truss emphasizes a level of depth when collaborating with high ceilings. Other trusses, such as the ‘scissor’, is a design used in cathedral style ceilings and give a sense of openness making the room seem larger. Another truss design is the ‘king post’ which has a strong beam straight down the middle. The horizontal beams create a “low ceiling” effect that emphasize a warm atmosphere. These are just a few styles of trusses and each one can be further customized to the style of your home.

Trusses are more than just ceiling support

Styles and designs of trusses can vary wildly. After all, if you’re building a luxury home then you will likely want to customize each aspect of the design. We at Hunter Corp make that easy for you. It all depends on how spacious you want your home to be and the style you want for your home. Once completed, trusses are an eye-catching addition to your property that also give your home a strong infrastructural finish. Trusses are made to inspire, which is why they were so popular in the architecture of old churches. Coupled with high ceilings and regal architecture, they add a sense of genuine ambience to the entire room. Regardless of your style preference, trusses are a component of luxury homes that you don’t want to overlook.

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