Luxury Styles You Can Use For A Fashion-Forward Custom Home

Wednesday, April 25th, 2018

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When you hire custom home builders to design and create your luxury home, attention to detail will be vital to the success of the project. The design can be either timeless or trendsetting, but that depends on the styles and items used in your home. Investing in high-end building materials and fixtures will help you feel comfortable in your home and show your friends and family your unique sense of style.

It is important to make smart decisions with your design concepts. Think about using a fashion-forward style rather than quirky trends that are popular in the moment but lose their luster over time. Making sound investments inside your custom home is also making an investment in your own personal style. The following are six luxury styles you can use in your custom home.

Custom cabinetry and built-in shelving

Custom cabinetry is considered by most custom home designers as a luxury feature. Many believe seamless shelf display units quickly become the focal point of any room. The shelves can hold books, sculptures, and various artworks, while also maximizing the space provided. Custom cabinetry is a bit more expensive than other options, but it can come in fresh tones and natural wood finishes. Choosing this style of cabinet would give you more freedom to design the style of furniture you want inside your home, rather than focusing on storage space.

Marble countertops

The look of a kitchen is often understated, as most homeowners have an elegant but efficient workspace. A luxury kitchen can have a mixture of marble countertops, white cabinets, and natural wood shelving that puts a spotlight on the room. Marble countertops are a high-end choice that never falls out of favor with most homeowners. Trends of this nature never seem to get old because they allow your style to be showcased beautifully and comfortably.

Colorful kitchen appliances

Many custom homes feature a variety of colorful high-end kitchen appliances such as ovens, refrigerators, and dishwashers. Some top designers are combining bright colors with a retro-chic look that creates an interesting focal point. Others are introducing a rainbow of European-inspired colors that help make all of the kitchen appliances stand out as one unit. However, many homeowners prefer classic, chic appliances. Be sure to choose wisely and make the look of your kitchen an extension of your personality.

Wide plank flooring

Wood floors have always been a staple in homes and the overall costs for installation have come down over the years. The main reason for the decrease is that the boards have shrunk into strips that come with a large amount of seams. This subtle change in design has brought the cost down considerably, which has allowed most homeowners to choose this luxurious style.

In some luxury custom homes, wide plank flooring has become a more popular choice. Builders use a mix of pine, hardwood, and refined planks that offer an eye-opening look. Typically, planks approximately 20 inches wide are used to maximized the beauty of the grain and catch the eye of those in your custom home.

Artistic pendant lamps

The right artistic pendant lamp can provide the perfect blend of ambient light to any room in your custom home. These lamps often become the main source of lighting for dining rooms, especially if they are hung over the table. Choose a bright, lacquered lamp that offers a modern touch to a classic design for a fashion-forward look. A matte shade will help the pendant lamp to blend in more with a traditional style.

Dimensional ceramic tiles

The most popular upgrade to any custom home is the flooring inside the bathroom or kitchen. Dimensional ceramic tiles have replaced standard square tiles as the main choice by many designers. Some of the luxury collections to choose from include artful tiles with muted tones, while others include three-dimensional tiles that raise the texture of the floor. Dimensional tiles can also be used as the main piece of a pattern encircled by more traditional tiles for a backsplash.

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