Why You Should Work With A Custom Home Builder

Tuesday, April 23rd, 2019

custom home builder team with blueprints

Building your own home is a meaningful and weighty decision to make. There is nothing quite like the idea of living in a home you’ve built from the ground up, is there? However, ideas and dreams are one thing; bringing them to life is another. That’s why you should work with a custom home builder.

If you start looking into how you’d go about building your own home, you’ll find yourself faced with a labyrinth of options and a complex maze of permits and ordinances to navigate. Whatever route you take will likely require lots of research and planning on your behalf. However, one of the options you should take into consideration when looking to build your own home is to work with a custom home builder.

Custom home builders are also known as build-design firms. There are several things that set custom home builders apart within the residential construction industry. These differences are also the advantages to choosing this type of builder once you make your decision to build your own home.

1. One team to handle it all

Generally, after deciding on a custom build, you would seek the services of an architect to design the layout and draw up blueprints. Then, you’d hire a general contractor for the construction phase. The general contractor would then put together a team of subcontractors after a bidding period and start the build. Throughout all of this, you would be the one handling all the paperwork, permit applications, and the respective fees.

If it sounds complicated, that’s because it is!

Custom home builders are the “all-in-one” option. They will already have an in-house team that handles the designing as well as the construction. 

All aspects of a build by a custom home builder are done by team members who work closely with each other on projects and can easily communicate with each other under one roof. This allows for tight performance in regards to solving problems and implementing changes on-the-fly.

2. Clear and constant communication

Because a custom home builder sees a build from start to finish, they’ll be keenly aware of the project’s status. The advantage of this is, because they know what their team is handling at any given point of time, they can easily and quickly communicate updates and/or issues to you in a timely manner. Moreover, you’re likely to have one point of contact for your custom build, which is considerably far less problematic than having to be aware of who is in charge of what along with how and when to contact them.  

3. You can pick your location

The problem with many prefab builders is they buy large tracts of land and sell “custom” homes from these lots. You may have very little leeway in terms of choosing your location. But with a custom home builder, they can work with you to find a lot that suits the design of your dream home. Not only that, but if you’ve already bought a lot for development, the custom home builder can design the home to fit the conditions set forth by the landscape and surrounding environment.

This is a valuable aspect of working with a custom home builder if you want to avoid the cookie-cutter homes of the suburbs. There is a sweet freedom in being able to decide where to build and then building a home of your own from the ground up.

4. You get exactly what you want

From the start, you’ll have the opportunity to work with a skilled architect to draft the plans for your home. This is when you can watch the home of your dreams take shape. You can discuss any and all specifications you want included in your home with the designer, and they can utilize their expert know-how to incorporate these details into the structure in a way that allows for a functional and efficient home.

Beyond the layout and room dimensions, you can also take this phase of the build to customize your home right down to the drawer pulls used! Chrome or pewter faucets? Marble or granite counter tops? A designer will know what to discuss with you in terms of materials and show you the options. You’ll be able to get exactly what you want in every sense of the word.

In short, a custom home builder is an agent who works for the benefit of you as a client. They work as your advocate in the process of bringing your dream home to life.

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